Profit model with a social cause

About Us

Dot eVentures was established in the year 2010 and incorporated as a private limited company in the year 2011. with many choices to be made in this ever changing world dot eventures with its multi-disciplinary approach has seen more exposure, immeasurable challenges and opportunities ahead. While continuing to embrace new technology dot eventures brings together strategy, design, and technology to create brand-unique experiences that build unbreakable customer relationships. With entrepreneurial spirit, passion and innumerable ideas we always welcome new talent who are willing to spark their creativity. We see more exposure and opportunistic avenues for travel, shopping, education, health, skill development and social. All our ideas are more practical and profit modals with a social cause.

Our Projects

Tours & Activity Marketplace is a venture of Dot eVentures Pvt Ltd. was founded in 2014 with a vision to help local tourism industry. is a marketplace for tourism related activities and service providers.

We at Dot eVentures Pvt Ltd are travelers at heart and we have observed that the most wonderful tourist activities are the least known to the world. Often, many talented and creative people do not dare to create their own activity because of the lack of visibility or the existing local monopoly. is our humble attempt to unleash tourism at every corner in the world. It is quite a selfish venture as we are doing this because we want to experience the world like never before more..

Tour & Activity Managing Software

Do you remember the last trip or holiday that had long boring hours of travel and routine stuff offered again and again? Well, say one final goodbye to those memories; we are working hard at to replace your disappointments with surprises and to fulfil the gaps in your holiday schedules. Yes, with a broader & socially motivated objective of creating local employment while also meeting the needs of our customers, we at are finding everyone who has creative, engaging and impressive ideas that they can offer you at a little cost. was founded by a team of highly experienced entrepreneurial professionals with 10+ years' experience in travel & IT centric industry. It is headquartered at Hyderabad and has a presence across India more..

Electronics & Mobile Accessories

eVogue - Founded by innovators from Dot eVentures, it's an Indian-based technology company. We love to design awesome products with creative mind, whose mission is to create technology hits that create a ripple effect across the world. Our vision is to create a culture where innovation and teamwork are valued above all else and deliver demonstrable benefits to customers more..

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Working Together


We at dot eventures believe in solid relationships - for living and for business. They are crucial for thriving in life. so we give ample consideration and self-discipline as to what kind of partner we are, and who our partners are.

We plant and build
Dot eventures develops category-defining businesses and brands, utilizing and cultivating each of its globally regarded domains. The company combines these original, premium domain names with established enterprises, experienced entrepreneurs and growing startups across a vast spectrum of products and/or services. The company serves as a builder, incubator, investor, partner, consultant, accelerator, and promoter.

We produce value
Using each domain as a foundation, we are passionate about conceptualizing, investing, building, and maintaining successful businesses worthy of the domain. Dot eVentures sites and businesses vary in complexity and development. some provide information, others give training. some sell products or services, while others promote new technology. and some simply provide and allow for advertising. Whatever implementation, we want visitors to get what they need.